Temp Employment service to find temp work and jobs from temporary staffing agencies. Our temp employment service provides you with agencies hiring in your area now. Find a job today!

Temp agencies posted above are positioned to get you placed into a part time or full time job in the quickest amount of time. Part time work and seasonal job openings are available. Once you find the right job listing, you will want to apply and attach your resume. Some employment agencies may call you for a preliminary phone interview so the job recruiters are more equipped in locating the right job for you.

Temporary employment is a good way to start out in the job market. Getting placed into a part time job helps keep your resume alive and keeps your secular skills up to date. It keeps you part of the work force and gets you out of bed in the morning headed in the right direction where you can network with other co-workers. Having good contacts in the work force can lead to other full time and permanent jobs. Another reason why temp work is a good way to start out is because you can get a job relatively fast and the temp agency does all the leg work for you in finding a job. Many times a temp job will end up turning into a permanent full time job with the company after the contract with the temp firm has expired.

So if you have never tried temporary staffing solutions before, now is a good time to do so. Temp employment has been on the rise due to the trend in the economy. 7.8 percent more temps were employed in September 2011 compared with the same month the previous year of 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And about 2.53 million people were working temporary jobs as of June 2012, an increase of more than 40 percent from the summer of 2009, when about 1.75 million people held temp jobs.

How to Find a Job Online

Job Openings Available. Find a job today. Get hired fast!

Now that the job market trend has changed gears to hiring more temp workers, what kinds of jobs could an individual in the position of being a temp employee expect to find today?

A sample of some of the job listings you may find online are:

  • US Postal Service Jobs
  • Cleaning Jobs
  • Data Entry
  • Local Government Jobs
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Night Shift Jobs
  • University Jobs
  • Airport Jobs
  • IT Executive Jobs
  • Call Center
  • Clerical positions
  • Human Resources
  • Health Technology
  • Retail
  • Student Jobs
  • Teaching
  • Jobs at Mcdonalds, Costco, Kmart, Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens
  • Oil Rig Industry
  • Truck Driver
  • Sales Positions

and the list goes on. There are 3 listings shown at a time. Spend time searching until one pops out at you.

Get familiar with the temp agency and job recruiter listings so you get placed in the job that makes you the happiest and most money. You also may find different job postings a day or two after you first checked. So don't stop at your first job search. Try again tomorrow if you don't find the job listing suited for you today.

How to Apply for a Job Online

After you have found the right listing and you want to move forward in applying for the position, it is important to make sure you have all of the necessary information you are going to need for applying.

Make sure you have an e-mail address, internet access, cover letter, current resume, employment history, and if applying for part time work have the hours you are available to work.

In some cases it may be required for you to take an online employment test as a prerequisite before being considered for hire. Also make sure you have all employment references with you as you may also be required to submit these so your employment history can be verified.

Once you have all the information handy and documents ready to upload, go ahead and start the application process. Be certain to call the firm after your application has been processed as it is not your application that gets you hired, it is the interview that gets you hired. To learn more about the online temp employment application and resume process, see our Job Resume Tips article for a detailed discussion.

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